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Keynote speech from Dr. Hassan Hammoud, MD., the president of Michigan-USA chapters of the Lebanese National Cultural Union.

When the civil war began and the very existence of Lebanon was in danger, we worried about Lebanon and never worried about the Lebanese.  That Lebanese that left his land and his country to countries that were foreign to him was faced with unfamiliar languages, and was ignorant  of the subtleties of the habits and cultures he embraced.  But, The Lebanese worked, produced and built in all the countries he landed in.

When he left Lebanon, the Lebanese carried with him a way of life that was first sparked by  Kadmous when he sailed from Byblos throughout the known world to teach the world the alphabets.  A task no less daunting then riding a space ship to the moon thousands of years later.  Our Spark contributed in mankind advancements that we see today in the 21 century in knowledge in all fields.

Lebanon and the Lebanese at home and abroad are in critical need to reform the image of the Lebanese emigrant and the Lebanese Emigration to restore it to its proud and immaculate history.  This image was tarnished by the divisions along the lines of sectarian differences in addition to the jealousy, envy, that goes against our forefathers legacy.

our forefathers legacy in their struggle and patience  over hunger and illness to overcome all the obstacles and succeeded in building success in economics, agriculture, commerce, science, finance and education at their host countries.  These legacies are still counted as accomplishments that the entire world is still proud of to our day.

Since the establishment of the Cultural University in 1960 of the last century, the Lebanese abroad stayed loyal, faithful, and truthful in their unity and holding on to their identity as Lebanese  and proud in their relationships.  This allegiance turned the small country and population of Lebanon to a  global presence that encompasses the entire five continents.  The establishment of the Lebanese Cultural University  is helping unite the Lebanese abroad, refusing divisions among the Lebanese people and bringing fourth the image of a civilized reputable image of Lebanon in all countries of residence.

Long Live Lebanon and the Lebanese people

Dr. Hassan Hammoud, MD., the president of Michigan-USA chapters of the Lebanese National Cultural Union.

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