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World Lebanese Cultural Union in the state of Michigan

On September 4, a meeting for the World Lebanese Cultural Union in the state of Michigan at their office located on Michigan Avenue. The attendees were the following:
Dr. Hassan Hammoud
Dr. Asaad Dandeshley, Almountada publisher
Dr. Abed Mouhanna
Mr. Ali Khanafer
Mr. Nasr Khrayzat
Mr. Mouhammed Alaouie
Mr. Nazih Jawad
Mr. Ali KorratAli
Mr. Mohammad Ayoub
Mr. Hussain Shami
Mr. Mohammad Jaber, Alsabeel Publisher
Mr. Ali Ajami

The members discussed matters related to the World Lebanese Cultural Union organizational structure and what the Union constitutional requerirment for establishing a branch and the legal steps to register the Union in the State of Michigan, as previously suggested by Mr. Ali Ajami during a previous meeting, and we reported to Dr. Hassan Hammoud that this task was completed.

The meeting resulted in the election of the leadership team as follows:

Dr. Hassan Hammoud President of the Michigan Chapter

Dr. Abed Mouhanna First Vice President
Mr. Ali Ajami Second Vice President
Mr. Mouhammed Alaouie Trustee
Mr. Ali Khanafer Trustee
Mr. Nasr Khrayzat Treasurer
Mr. Nazih Jawad Tresaurer
Dr. Asaad DanDeshley Cultural and Media Secretary
Dr. Mustafa Huballah Cultural and Media Secretary
Mr. Mohammad Jaber Artistic and Social Secretary
Mr. Hussain Shami Artistic and Social Secretary

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